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San Diego Event Venue

Looking for the perfect San Diego event venue? Then look no further, Dam Park is truly a one of a kind event venue unlike anything else San Diego has to offer. The style and decor, inspired by the European city of Amsterdam, adds a unique flair to any type of event.  We work closely with each and every client to make sure their event runs smoothly and all their guests have a great time.

Our flexibility as a venue allows you to throw any type of event with small and large groups alike.  So whether you just want to rent the space and handle everything else yourself, or you want us to help you in the planning process, we make everything easy and accommodate your needs.

Dam Park Perks

  • Perfect for for small and large groups alike
  • Tables and chairs included
  • Outdoor patio with seating
  • Stage for live music
  • Power access
  • Water
  • Bar for beer, wine and cocktails
  • Lighting
  • ADA bathroom
  • Prep and clean up
  • Security
  • Private suite
  • Street parking


To book Dam Park for your next event, contact us at (619) 821-8200 or contact@damparksd.com or fill out the form below.

Tips For Planning The Perfect Event

Planning an event of any type can often times be stressful and feel like an overwhelming task. That’s why we put together this quick (and hopefully helpful) guide to make planning your events in San Diego a little bit easier.  With years of experience throwing all kinds of events,  we have learned a few tips and tricks that makes planning and throwing events easy and fun.

Planning 101

Before doing anything, it’s important to think about what exactly you want for your event. Often times people hit the ground running without having figured out what they really want. Are you throwing a large or small event? Will it take place in the day or night? What are your guests expecting at this event and so on. All of these are important to think about when planning your event. So before you start calling caterers and look at venues, take a few minutes to write down exactly what you want.

Budget and Guests

The budget for your event is going to be directly correlated to the number of guests you have and what you plan to provide your guests. Depending on the type of event and what you plan to provide, you can quickly spend upwards of $100 per guest. The two most important things to think about when budgeting are food and drinks (which we will talk about later).


Picking the event venue will set the tone for your event and different venues provide different perks. It’s important to think about what are must haves for a venue vs what are nice to haves. Typically the more flexibility you get from a venue the better. Other things to think about for your event venue are the size and location. Make sure it can accommodate your guests and the location is viable for them.


Catering is typically charged on a per person basis. Having figured out your budget beforehand, picking the right caterer should be a little easier. Some questions to think about is are you providing full meals, snacks, desserts or have something else in mind. Are your guests going to be sitting down or is a buffet a little easier. If you plan to do sit down meals also understand that will typically require staff whereas a buffet is self serve which can help save you some money.


Depending on the type of event and the age of the crowd drinks can play an important role. Some things to think about are how long your event is, how many drinks each person will want, what types of drinks do you want to provide and so on. We typically recommend at least one drink per person per hour. However something like a wedding reception or corporate holiday party may require more drinks or even an open bar.


Entertainment plays an important role for any type of event. While drinks, food and the venue you select will set the tone, entertainment is the icing on the cake to make sure everyone has a great time. Entertainment can range from a dj, to a live artist or even a band. Depending on the type of event your plan to throw, how long it goes on for and who your guests are should guide you to picking the right entertainment.

Final Words

While all of the above is important to consider when planning your event, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with anything in particular. The venue you choose should be able to help with a lot of the above and if you are using event planners they should be able to shoulder a lot of the work and help provide creative ideas and expertise to help you pull everything off.

If you have any particular questions about Dam Park and how we could help you throw the perfect event in our venue please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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